RVing to California in 3 Days!

We're hitting the road again! And this time we're headed to California 🌞this year has been a challenging time for EVERYONE. For Johnny Lose and I, we came back from our month-long road trip to the south in January, got back to running our business and we were doing extremely well until March when COVID hit. Our business took a big hit, we went from about 15 clients a day down to about 3 or 4. In the downtime Johnny got his nutrition certification, I focused on building my personal training clients and started working at FitBody Studio, we just kept moving and pushing each other. We were fighting our anxieties and depression by just showing up imperfectly every day and doing whatever work needed to be done.

By May business started to pick back up, our online fitness studio and our dog walking business. So, we started planning our next adventure- traveling full-time in the RV. We've saved money, we've picked up more nutrition and personal training clients for our online studio (Roll Dog Fitness) and I'm sure things will continue to grow. But since we like to keep busy and California is expensive we also got new jobs. Johnny will be working on an organic farm in Apple Hill and I have accepted a wonderful opportunity with Anytime Fitness Placerville, California to teach group training, 1:1 sessions, and an outdoor PE class. It’s a slight detour from our plan to travel full-time and only spending a month in one place but it feels right to use this time to explore a new place, learn and perfect our skills. That’s the thing about RV life, it can be whatever you make it.

For me, I don’t typically like to be in one place for years, I like to move. I think some people would call it having a Wunderlist spirit because I truly want to see it all and I’m sure one day we will but for now we are exploring California (top to bottom). I am excited! We have never been to California. Johnny has never worked on a farm. We’ve never kayaked at Lake Tahoe, which is now super close to our new home. Our plan now looks way different from a month ago but everything has fallen in place just as it should. I look forward to sharing this journey with you. I have three more days before I hit the road. If you know anyone in Placerville, California looking for a personal trainer and a safe, clean space to workout, tell them to send me a message (info@rolldogfitness.com or on any of our social media platforms).

Thanks so much for the love and support! Can't wait to share all the videos and pictures from the road trip.

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