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Nothing can stop you when God is with you

I remember before I got pregnant so many people would say make sure to live your life before you decide to have kids because once you have a baby your life is over. I just can’t imagine that being remotely true.

Since the day I found out I was pregnant, I’ve only wanted to be the best possible version of myself. I’m still ambitious, hard-working, and determined to live my best life and achieve great things in my career, even when I’m tired. I might need a few more naps during the day but I’m even more inspired to do great things with my life because my son is on the way. I don’t ever want my son to think he held me back from living my life. In actuality he’s given me purpose to keep going and do more.

I want my little man to know that anything is possible if you’re willing to work hard for it. I want him to know that he can achieve great things if he only tries. I want him to see his mommy and daddy leading by example. I want him to have his own dreams and make them happen. Nothing can stop you when God is with you. To my son, River — I will be your portal into life and I will love, guide and support you for your entire life. Mommy can’t wait to meet you!

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