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No time to hit the gym? No problem. I've recorded dozens of fitness videos for you to watch on phone, iPad, or laptop. With my guided fitness classes, you can fit your workouts around your busy schedule. Most workouts only require a set of dumbbells making these workouts easy to do right at home. New videos recorded every week!

Let's Get Started! Choose from any of the workout categories below.


Upper Body Strength

Develop muscle tone and sexy arms! We will target arm stamina and sculpting! You will need a mat, light dumbbells, a towel and water. We start with a nice warm-up to get you ready for the "push". Then we will complete the workout with some feel good stretching!



Charge your body up with interval cardio work!! Also, create strong abs with sculpting exercises for a better stronger core!


Lower Body Strength

Develop strong and sleek legs in this targeted workout! Your backside will be firm and shapely. No equipment needed. We begin with a nice warm up to get your body ready for toning and sculpting! Finally, we will complete the workout with some feel good stretching!



This video series is a collection of strength and yoga videos to help you manage healthy weight gain throughout your pregnancy. Plus, stretching and mobility workouts as your body continues to grow a healthy baby and change. 


Follow Along LIVE Classes

Follow along workouts are recording from our live-stream workouts. You can book a class by clicking here.


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