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Corporate fitness has become a top priority for many companies, and Roll Dog Fitness is proud to offer virtual fitness programs for your clients to have access to 24/7, 7 days a week. We'll create a custom fitness studio for your employees to workout on their lunch break, at-home, or at the gym. We'll also provide one-on-one personal training and nutrition coaching to help them feel re-energized, rejuvenated, and more productive at work. 

Fitness in the workplace has been shown to:

  • Increase productivity​

  • Increase retention of top talent ​

  • Support creativity with company leaders​

  • Reduce absenteeism​

  • Lower turnover rates​

  • Improve teamwork​

  • Decrease healthcare costs


Roll Dog Fitness tailors our physical activity programs to your company needs. Our workouts range from moderate to intense sessions, and we can accommodate large groups or small groups through our online programs. LIVE classes are hosted weekly through the Moxie platform and allows your employees to schedule, stream classes, and attend on-demand workouts all in one place. LIVE classes can be attended by 100 students – 15 Interactive attendees with cameras enabled, plus an additional 85 View Only attendees.

Live-Stream Workouts

  • Easy booking & scheduling

  • Warm-up & Cool Down rooms 

  • Email reminders before class

  • Unlimited access to class recordings

Video On-Demand

In addition to LIVE-stream workouts, your employees will also have unlimited access to our Video On-demand library.  If a student signs up for class and can’t make it, they’ll receive a recording of the workout to do on their own time. All Moxie group class recordings are automatically uploaded to my video library. The recording only includes the instructor's video, not any of the attendees and can be watched at anytime.

Group Fitness Marketplace

In addition to my weekly live-stream HIIT & Strength workouts, there are over 800+ classes on Moxie each week from various instructors from different backgrounds. Using the Moxie platform gives your employees access to even more types of workouts. Choose from yoga, pilates, barre, martial arts, and many more.

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