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Roll Dog Fitness is an online fitness studio by Certified Personal Trainer, Ashey Lose. Ashley provides on-demand workouts, live-stream fitness classes, and one-on-one coaching for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle whenever, wherever. 

Track Your Progress and Plan Your Workouts

Workout with me using my custom training app! Your monthly or yearly subscription gives you unlimited access to all my training programs and nutrition guides right in the palm of your hands. This training option allows you to workout with me anywhere, anytime. Workouts range from 10-minutes to 60-minute sessions and include an in-app timer to keep you moving. 

Start Training With Me Today!

This training option includes: 

  • Workout calendar with scheduled daily workouts

  • Demo videos for every movement, including warm-up

  • Progress Checking (photos & body weight)

  • Connect your Apple Watch or Fitbit 

  • 24/7 in-app messaging with me, your coach!

One-On-One Personal Training

Hey Roll Dogs, it’s your coach Ashley and I’m officially welcoming you to Roll Dog Fitness. I am a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and motivational lifestyle coach. I want to coach you. I want to challenge you. And I want to see you become the best version of yourself.


Now, I'm experienced in body and mind transformations and I’m truly passionate about pushing people towards becoming and growing into the best version of themselves. 


Personally, I’m never looking for easy I’m always chasing after that challenge that’s going to take me to the limit and push me right outside that comfort zone. After all, true change happens outside of that comfort zone. So I’ve kept that in mind when designing my live-stream workouts, on-demand classes, and custom workout programs for you. So if you’re ready, let’s get started. 

What's Included:

Assessment and Progress Measurements

As you follow your custom training program we will set goals and check-in each week to make sure we're on track. Here's what you can expect:

Every week we’ll review to help you stay on track and set your goals and expectations. These will be in the form of surveys, reflections and assessments to motivate you to stay committed to your goals.

Every 2 weeks you will be updating your progress indicators, measurements and metrics.

Every month you will upload progress photos as part of your progress tracking.

Video Coaching Sessions & Weekly Check-ins

Once you've logged into your training app and you're ready to begin your workout you will notice that I've recorded a video to walk you through each movement to show proper form.  At the end of each week we will meet on a Zoom or FaceTime  call to ensure we are on the right path to hit your fitness goals. Your one-on-one training program includes weekly video check-ins where we can address proper form, make note of any exercises that were challenging that week, and make adjustments to your training program. 

24/7 in-app Messaging & Email Support

Online personal training allows me to create custom workouts for you that work with your schedule and help you achieve your goals. Each workout is 45-minutes with the exception of drills and active recovery routines. In our initial consultation we'll identify your particular needs, fitness and nutrition goals, make note of any ailments and/or injuries, and establish a schedule for the days you're available to workout. From there I'll design your training program and assign your workouts to your particular training days.

Nutrition Coaching Available 

Nutrition coaching is highly recommended for an effective training program. You've heard the phrase, "you can't out-exercise a bad diet." As you are training your body with me, my husband Johnny, a Certified Nutritionist and Habit Coach will help you transform your mindset around food and establish healthy habits when it comes to the foods you eat. This program includes strategies on meal-prepping and grocery shopping, recipes, and guidance on making healthier choices for your body. In this program we use MyFitness Pal with our custom training app to track your meals and the nutrients they provide. As a part of your training program you'll receive monthly nutrition coaching sessions with Johnny Lose. Plus, full access to his recipe packs, meal planning, and grocery shopping strategies. 


Upcoming Classes

Our classes and coaching sessions are available on multiple platforms. Once you've registered for a class or coaching session you will receive an email sharing details of your chosen session. 





Why is Roll Dog Fitness Good For You?

One-on-One Personal Training

If you have some experience with working out, but you feel stuck in a rut and have stopped making progress. Or maybe you're busy and need flexibility and accountability. Having an online trainer helps you stay on track, create clear and realistic goals.

Online Nutrition Coaching

Fundamentally, nutrition coaching is about two things:

1. Helping YOU change your habits.

2. Helping YOU take meaningful action in your life.


Our nutrition coaching program is led by Certified Nutritionist, Johnny Lose . Throughout the program he will get an understanding of your relationship with food; learning, and collecting data to help you change and adapt. 

Workout Online From Anywhere

Our online fitness studio is designed to help you get results on your time. Subscribe to our custom app to get full-access to workouts led by Certified Personal Trainer, Ashley Lose.  These virtual workouts are designed to get you closer to your weight-loss goals with a mix of HIIT, Strength, and Cardio based exercises.

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Pay Per Class

Our LIVE-Stream classes are $10 a session. You can't beat it! It's a simple and affordable solution to keep you motivated and accountable. Select a date to join a LIVE session that you can do from the comfort of your home.

Once you've registered for a class you will receive an email sharing of your chosen session, as well as a link that will connect you to class when it's time. We also offer weekly and monthly packages for individuals looking to stay consistent with their workout routine.

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